It started from the burning passion for fashion. Gradually it developed and began to convert into a path of life, a source of livelihood and finally – into a brand called ALÎCE by Alisa Timofeeva.

This young and ambitious Russian fashion designer and the founder of ALÎCE by Alisa Timofeeva ended up in Helsinki by accident. Being also an educated business woman, she could easily discover her market niche; there was no fashion house with the sense of luxury in Finland.

As a devoted lover of romance, femininity and elegance, the work of Alisa is something contradictory to what the minimalist and Scandinavian fashion scene in Helsinki is used to. Alisa has been influenced by the greatest designers of our times, such as Valentino and Oscar De la Renta. Learning to design by herself, she had proved her determination and ambition to claim her spot in the fashion scene.

In addition to beautiful dresses, Alisa wants to create a comprehensive experience to the customers of ALÎCE. The guarantee of uniqueness is also part of the brand and therefore the collections are produced in small entities.